Project Scorpio Specs

Xbox One X Specs

Microsoft stunned the gaming world at E3 2016 by announcing a 6 Teraflop gaming console, promising the most powerful game console ever. Here are the final specs for Xbox One X

Component Value Note
Performance Target Native 4K Gaming Developer Choice
Processor Setup APU/SOC  
Base System AMD Polaris  
Technology Node 16 nm  
GPU Performance 6 Teraflops  
GPU Compute Units 40  
GPU Clock Speed 1.172 GHz  
Total System RAM 12 GB  
RAM Type GDDR5  
RAM Bandwidth 326 GB/s  
RAM Interface 384-bit  
CPU Class Custom X86 Jaguar Based
CPU Cores 8  
CPU Clock Speed 2.3 GHz  
Disc Drive UHD Blu-ray  
Backward Compatible XB1, X360 & Xbox