Project Scorpio vs. PS4K Neo Specs

Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro Specs

Both Microsoft and Sony are planning mid-generation technology updates to their Xbox One and PS4 game consoles. In this article, we will compare the rumored specs for each device, based on announced features, leaked specs and simple speculation. We will update this section as new information becomes available.

The values in bold are confirmed, the other values are speculation or non-confirmed leaks.

Spec Project Scorpio PS4 Pro
Performance Target Native 4K (not mandated) 1080p Minimum
Processor Setup APU/SOC APU/SOC
Base System AMD AMD
Technology Node 16 nm 16 nm
GPU Architecture Vega Polaris
GPU Performance 6 Teraflops 4.2 Teraflops
GPU Compute Units 56-60 36
GPU Clock Speed 800-900 MHz 911 MHz
Total System RAM 12 GB 8 GB
RAM Bandwidth 320 GB/s 218 GB/s
RAM Interface 384-bit 256-bit
CPU Class Jaguar or Zen Jaguar
CPU Cores 8 8
CPU Clock Speed 1.75 GHz (est. minimum) 2.1 GHz
Disc Drive UHD Blu-ray Standard Blu-ray
Backward Compatible Yes Yes